Real Estate Mentoring

The South Florida’s real estate market is a where many investors still feel cautious about jumping in headfirst. But the truth is that real estate in South Florida is still a wise and lucrative investment strategy; it just requires considerable knowledge and training!

This is where a real estate mentor and coach come into play. A mentoring coach helps investors to understand the market, as well as a multitude of strategies that may be used to maximize their profits.

Investing in a Real Estate Mentor like Jim Van Dyke will give you the competitive advantage. We do not sell any manual for what we teach. We do not provide you with easy to follow instructions that will never get used. Jim personally sits with you and teaches you how he wholesales hundreds of deals each year for over the last decade.

What are you waiting for? Give Jim a call today so he can set up a time to see if his program is a fit for your investing strategy.

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“When I began learning real estate I did not know what to expect. I did not know what flipping houses or let alone wholesaling really entitled. I found Jim through a family member of mine and quickly contacted him to find out about his student training program. As soon as we started the first meeting I knew that I was learning valuable information and the essentials to becoming successful in Real Estate. What I found to be useful was that Jim gave me a plan of action. Supplied me with all the contracts necessary, exactly how to fill out contracts, and for the first few weeks even told me exactly what offers to make and why (which he still does if I ask him too). Most importantly he gave me the confidence knowing that I can go out there and make these offers knowing I have someone who has been in the business for many years backing me up. Jim has many years worth of experience, buyers, and techniques that can really jump start your real estate career and allow you to achieve your goals exponentially faster.” Thanks Jim, Sincerely, Raul Bolufe

Jimmy… Infinite thanks to you specially!!! Thanks for bringing me to this business and guide me, help me and support me when I have needed it each and every single day!!! Thanks for changing my life completely in a very positive way. Thanks for not only being a mentor and partner, but also my friend!! My business wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you!! Hope we work together for a VERY LOOONG TIME!! From my heart to yours, Camilo