How Our Transactional Funding Program Works

JVD Properties, Inc. will provide you Transactional Funding for a real estate transaction where you are:

Under contract to purchase a property, AND;

Under contract to resell that property to a cash or qualified buyer for a profit the SAME DAY.

To meet the needs of your transaction, we only offer back-to-back same day transactional funding loans.

Once you have complete, fully executed buy and sell contracts for a qualified transaction, simply:

Submit your funding request for a preliminary approval to Jim Van Dyke via email at:

Our team understands that you have worked hard to put your transaction together. That is why we have clearly defined our process and funding criteria, so that you know exactly what is required to get your deal funded the day of closing. Our terms and process are simple and straightforward and we expect our clients transactions to be the same.

With the most efficient underwriting process, JVD Properties, Inc. is able to offer the most efficient, most competitive charges in the industry. We care about our relationships with clients. Whether the transaction is simple or complex, our pricing structure is straightforward.

When you work with JVD Properties, Inc., you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees, so you will know exactly what your profit will be.

We look forward to funding your next South Florida Real Estate Transaction!